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The History of Fresh Start

A group of concerned citizens, UW-Extension staff and Honorable Judge Curry came together because of their concerns for underage drinking in this county, coupled with re-offending, along with the high insurance rates that parents have to pay due to the underage drinking citations. It was decided an educational program that teaches about the choices of drinking, as well as the high risk consequences being introduced to our youth. In return for taking the program, the ticket would not go to court as long as the student did not re-offend within a year. Fresh Start began in March of 2002. To date, over 3,953 underage citations have been written in Grant County. From the Clerk of Court records the percentage of our youth that re-offended in 2000 was at 11.9%. In 2001 the percentage was at 10:3%. Those who have taken the program and have not re-offended is at a 6% recidivism rate, verses those who have not taken the program at which was at 12% recidivism in 2009.


Prime for Life, Under 21 has been proven to be very successful throughout Wisconsin, as well as Grant County. It informs the student of high risk choices, guidelines, trigger levels, as well as phases of alcohol consumption. The instructors for Fresh Start uses Prime for Life which is a non-judgmental way of informing our youth and focuses on the risks associated with alcohol use and how to lower those risks.  


Fresh Start  is an alcohol and drug risk reduction program that is 12 hour program that supplies a workbook, a self assessment, along with individual and group learning activities.

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This website was designed and developed by:  Tri State Media Solutions